Lord Sugar tells Londoners: Don't vote for Sadiq Khan

Posted On: 
24th April 2016

Lord Sugar has called on Londoners not to vote for Sadiq Khan in the upcoming election for Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan nominated Jeremy Corbyn to enter the Labour leadership contest
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The peer, who quit Labour after last May’s general election defeat, said Mr Khan had “single-handedly wrecked the Labour party” and should not be allowed to do the same to the capital.

He cited the Tooting MP’s decision to nominate Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership, and his support for Ed Miliband as reasons he should not be Mayor of London.

“There is one politician who’s responsible for what’s happened to the party: Labour’s candidate for London mayor, Sadiq Khan,” Lord Sugar wrote in the Sunday Times.  

“Khan ran Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign. He was in the room when Miliband turned on people like me, attacking the country’s largest employers as ‘predators’...

“Khan was one of the most senior Labour politicians to nominate Corbyn for leader. Without Khan’s endorsement, Corbyn would never have made it onto the ballot.”

The peer dismissed Mr Khan’s manifesto for London as “a wish list straight out of Corbyn and Livingstone’s little red book” and said under Mr Corbyn “the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum”.

And he also took aim at Mr Khan’s constant reminders that his father was a bus driver, saying: “You base your decisions on results and performance, not on a feelgood sob story from the person selling it.”