Sadiq Khan praises Tony Blair and urges Jeremy Corbyn to do more to ‘unite’ Labour

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14th May 2016

Sadiq Khan has put pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to unite the party so that Labour can secure power at the general election in 2020.

Sadiq Khan addressing the Labour conference
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 “I’ve achieved more in these seven days than in the last six years in opposition,” the new Mayor of London said in an interview with The Guardian published on Friday night.

He added: “Every day we are out of power, people are struggling.”

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Mr Khan criticised Labour for failing to capitalise on a Conservative government that he labelled “as bad as John Major’s”.

The new Mayor of London praised the work of John Smith and Tony Blair during the mid-90s. “That is the trajectory we need to be on if we want to win in 2020,” he said.

The Mayor of London appeared to side with Mr Corbyn’s critics during the interview by saying “I think it is more a question of what Jeremy should be doing.”

He added: “If you are leader you want to use all your talents. I think politics is a team sport, and we came together as a team. I think we’ve got to be united as a party. Divided parties don’t win elections.”

“My challenge is over the next few months and years to hopefully show the rest of the country that Labour administrations can be pro-business, Labour administrations can be competent, Labour administrations can provide value for money”, Mr Khan said.