Labour has ‘bold and ambitious’ plan to win 2020 election, Jeremy Corbyn says

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18th May 2016

Labour is targeting seats it has never won before at a general election as part of its “bold and ambitious” programme to enter government in 2020, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Jeremy Corbyn was speaking at the London School of Economics
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The Labour leader, who conceded that his party is not on course to win at the next election on current trajectory, said he “does not underestimate the scale of the challenge” necessary to secure victory.

Speaking at the London School of Economics, Mr Corbyn sought to provide assurances that Labour was formulating policies for 2020 that will appeal to the whole country.

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“For Labour to win a majority in 2020, we need to win seats that we have not won for several decades, and maybe win some seats we’ve never won before,” he said during a Ralph Miliband programme lecture.

“It is an ambitious task and that is without gerrymandering of the electorate through individual voter registration and gerrymandering of parliamentary constituencies through the boundary review based on a gerrymandered electoral roll.

“So, Labour will be ambitious and bold at the 2020 election. We will make big promises and, if we are elected, we will deliver them.”

Mr Corbyn said he would make Labour’s policies “plain as a pikestaff” long before the run up to the 2020 election so voters are clear as to what the party stands for.

He added that the priorities would be “housing, jobs, the environment, and real security in society”.