Ken Livingstone sacked from LBC show after Hitler row

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29th May 2016

Ken Livingstone has been sacked from his LBC radio show in the wake of his controversial remarks regarding Hitler’s views on Zionism.

Global Radio have sacked Ken Livingstone from his Saturday morning radio show
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It emerged yesterday that LBC’s owner, Global Radio, would not be renewing the former mayor of London's contract for his Saturday morning presenting slot.

Mr Livingstone sparked outrage after he claimed Hitler had supported Zionism in the 1930 "before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews".

Ken Livingstone offers a free meal to anyone who can prove his Hitler remarks were wrong

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He later refused to apologise for his comments, insisting he was making a valid historical observation and was not in any way being anti-Semitic.

Speaking to the Independent, Mr Livingstone seemed perplexed by Global Radio’s decision to remove him from his popular programme.

“It’s crazy really because when David [Mellor] and I started doing that programme it had 50,000 listeners and now it’s 300,000,” he told the website.

“It’s weird because I would have thought good capitalists would want to carry on making a profit."

Mr Livingstone has not presented the show since the row over his remarks erupted in April.

Jonathan Sacerdoti from the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The strongest response to racism is for society to shun racists, which is what LBC’s owner Global Radio has rightly done, and we applaud them for heeding our calls."

Mr Livingstone earlier this month offered to buy a meal for anyone who can prove that his remarks about Hitler “supporting Zionism” were wrong.

“Not a single newspaper, or radio, or TV programme has produced any evidence in the last two weeks that what I said was wrong,” he told TalkRadio.

"I'll offer a free meal out for anyone who can prove what I said was wrong."

He took another swipe at his “Blairite” enemies, suggesting he “could sue them and make a lot of money” over claims from the likes of Labour MP John Mann that he is a “Nazi apologist”.

Mr Livingstone was suspended by Labour pending an investigation over his remarks.