Jeremy Corbyn in bizarre Simply Red bust-up

Posted On: 
6th June 2016

Jeremy Corbyn was embroiled in a fresh row tonight - with Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall.

Mick Hucknall hit out at Jeremy Corbyn for failing to do more to help the Remain campaign
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The ginger frontman launched a bitter tirade against the Labour leader on his Twitter page this afternoon, accusing him of not campaigning hard enough for a Remain vote in the EU referendum.

He wrote: "What a shabby, spineless coward Jeremy Corbyn is proving to be. Either fully commit to OR or GO! ."

That tweet was followed by two chicken 'emoticons'.

That provoked an angry backlash from a source close to the Labour leader, who told the Huffington Post's Paul Waugh it was "low level and ignorant abuse from a musical and political has-been".

Another Labour source laughed off the spat with the 'Holding Back The Years' star, telling PoliticsHome: "Jeremy's campaigned consistently for Labour In (the party's pro-EU campaign). If Mick doesn't know his views by now, he will never ever, ever know them."

In response to the mounting furore, Mr Hucknall signalled he was ready to go to war with Mr Corbyn's supporters.

He tweeted: "Ok then, let's see how his 'new kind of politics' disciples behave when I unblock my account ."

It is not the first time multi-millionaire Mr Hucknall - who was a Labour donor during the Tony Blair years - has caused controversy by entering the political fray.

Following last year's general election, he said he was glad that Britain had rejected "Marxist" Ed Miliband.

He told the BBC that Mr Miliband was “clearly not the right man [to lead Labour]... it was blatantly obvious”.

Mr Hucknall added: “The more I looked at the policies... the more I thought this is not going to work.”