Jeremy Corbyn not doing enough to win back Labour voters, says Momentum chief

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20th June 2016

Jeremy Corbyn must do more to win back traditional Labour voters who have switched to Ukip and the SNP, according to one of his key supporters.

Jeremy Corbyn has come under fire from one of his closest allies
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Jon Lansman, who helped run the Labour chief's leadership campaign and set up the pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum, suggested John McDonnell was currently performing better than his boss.

His surprise intervention came in an interview for BBC Radio Four's PM programme.

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The veteran left-winger, who was an aide to Tony Benn during the 1980s, said Labour lost "millions" of its core voters to Ukip and the SNP through chasing Tory voters when Tony Blair was leader.

Asked if Mr Corbyn can win them back, Mr Lansman said: "He could. I don't think he does, I think he could. What Jeremy's got to do now is come up with a positive programme and not opposition to what the Tories do. It's actually John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, who is leading on that stuff and yes, there's a lot already that's come out, but there's a lot more work to do."

His comments are significant as there has been speculation that Mr McDonnell could replace Mr Corbyn as Labour leader before the next election.

However, Mr Lansman insisted that any coup against the leader would fail and added: "Jeremy is the leader. Jeremy isn't going to go away - he enjoys it."

Meanwhile, the Momentum boss also called for anti-Semitism row MP Naz Shah to be re-instated to the party, and said her parliamentary colleague John Mann should also have been suspended for his public altercation with Ken Livinsgtone.