Heidi Alexander quits Shadow Cabinet

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26th June 2016

Heidi Alexander quit the Shadow Cabinet this morning and told Jeremy Corbyn "a change of leadership is essential" if Labour is to win the next election.

Heidi Alexander says Jeremy Corbyn must quit as Labour leader
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The dramatic move followed the sacking of Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn in the early hours of this morning.

Mr Benn was dumped after The Observer reported that he was leading a Shadow Cabinet coup against the Labour leader.

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Ms Alexander posted her resignation on her Twitter page.



PoliticsHome understands that there will be more Shadow Cabinet resignations throughout the day as the rebels try to oust Mr Corbyn.

But a source close to the leader said: "Just for the record - Jeremy is going nowhere."

Labour MPs will debate a motion of no confidence in Mr Corbyn at a meeting in the Commons tomorrow night, then vote on it on Tuesday.

PoliticsHome revealed yesterday that Labour frontbenchers were preparing to quit if Mr Corbyn did not agree to stand down.

One senior MP said: "It will be bloody and messy, but has to be done. The alternative is that we slowly bleed to death."

The Labour rebels fear that the new Tory leader will call a snap election - and that a Corbyn-led party would suffer a "meltdown", particularly in its traditional heartlands.