Senior Labour MP claims Jeremy Corbyn is a 'devious man' who wants to 'destroy' Labour

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10th July 2016

The MP who triggered the vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn this morning claimed the Labour leader was a "devious" man intent on destroying the party.

Margaret Hodge labelled Jeremy Corbyn 'devious'

Margaret Hodge spoke out after weeks of Labour MPs resigning from Mr Corbyn's shadow ministerial team and the Labour leader losing the support of the vast majority of his parliamentary colleagues. 

Despite pressure from his own benches, Mr Corbyn and his allies have made clear he has no intention of standing down and would be prepared to face another vote of the party membership.

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Polls suggest his support among Labour's rank-and-file remains strong enough to see off the challenge of Angela Eagle, who will tomorrow launch a bid for the leadership. 

Former minister Ms Hodge launched the vote of no confidence along with fellow MP Anne Coffey in the wake of the EU referendum result, which many MPs felt Mr Corbyn had contributed to with a half-hearted approach to campaigning.

She said Mr Corbyn's refusal to heed his colleagues' call had led her to believe he was intent on damaging the party for the sake of his own position.

"I used to think he was a decent man. I'm beginning to think he's actually a devious man who is more concerned with destroying the Labour party than he is with creating a force than can win an election in such difficult times and unite the party," she told BBC Radio 4 this morning.

Her comments came as former frontbencher Owen Smith claimed that John McDonnell has indicated he was willing to see Labour split into separate parties.

But his comments were rejected by the Shadow Chancellor, who called them "complete rubbish".