WATCH: John McDonnell brands Labour plotters 'f***ing useless'

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13th July 2016

John McDonnell has branded the Labour MPs trying to unseat Jeremy Corbyn “f***ing useless”.

John McDonnell said Jeremy Corbyn's critics 'cannot tolerate a socialist as the leader of the Labour party'
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The Shadow Chancellor launched the tirade as he addressed a rally of Mr Corbyn’s supporters in London last night.

The event took place shortly after the party's National Executive Committee ruled that the Labour chief will automatically go onto the ballot in the Labour leadership contest triggered by Angela Eagle.

Jeremy Corbyn will be on Labour leadership contest ballot

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As Shadow Health Secretary looked on, Mr McDonnell told the ‘JC4PM’ event: “Today we defeated the first wave of a coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

“We did it thanks to you, thanks to you because all of you created a climate of opinion which gave courage to our representatives on the NEC who voted 18 to 14 for Jeremy to be on the ballot paper.

“I say it is the first wave of the coup; they’ve been planning this coup from the day Jeremy got elected. They’ve been plotting and conniving. The only good thing about it: as plotters, they’re fucking useless.

“Don’t think they’ll stop there; they’ll come back and they’ll try to hit us again, and we’ll defeat them again, won’t we?...

“Why do you think this coup was mounted? It was because they cannot tolerate a socialist as the leader of the Labour party leading a socialist administration.”

After Mr McDonnell praised Mr Corbyn’s “heroism”, the Labour leader himself came out to speak to the crowd.

Minutes after the Shadow Chancellor called the bulk of Labour MPs “fucking useless”, Mr Corbyn praised him as his “great comrade”.

“We treat people with respect, we don’t throw abuse around,” he told the cheering crowd.

Mr Corbyn also released a video via his Twitter account last night celebrating the news that he will be on the ballot.




Other prominent allies of Mr Corbyn spoke at last night's event, including Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott and PCS union boss Mark Serwotka.

Mr Serwotka used his time to make a direct personal attack on former Labour leader Lord Kinnock, who he labelled a “disgrace to Wales”, and suggested hostile MPs should be deselected.

“You should be the one who pisses off and leaves it to us,” he said to Lord Kinnock.

“If Jeremy wins, let’s get into the constituencies and hold these MPs to account.

“If anything made me sick to the pit of my stomach, it was seeing the circle of the establishment, it started with the PLP and it ended up with David Cameron calling for Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

“If I was a Labour MP, and I was siding with Cameron over who led my party, I would be sick to the pit of my stomach.”

He added: “You should go off and leave it to people who really will represent Labour.”