Defiant Jeremy Corbyn 'enjoying' Labour leadership and vows to stay on

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13th July 2016

A defiant Jeremy Corbyn today insisted he enjoys “every moment” of being Labour leader and insisted he will be in place for a long time to come.

Jeremy Corbyn insisted he would be asking Theresa May many questions at PMQs
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The embattled left-winger faces another leadership contest after he was challenged by former Labour frontbenchers Owen Smith and Angela Eagle.

The moves against him came after more than 60 of his ministerial team resigned, and three-quarters of his MPs backed a motion of no confidence in him.

Jeremy Corbyn will be on Labour leadership contest ballot

Owen Smith launches bid to be 'radical, credible' Labour leader

Angela Eagle launches bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn with 'one-party Tory state' warning

At David Cameron’s final Prime Minister’s Questions in the top job, Mr Corbyn said he had asked the premier more than 176 questions.

“There will be plenty more to come to his successor, don’t worry about that,” he declared. Tory MPs as most Labour backbenchers sat glum-faced.

Responding to jibes from the Prime Minister as to the turmoil in Labour, Mr Corbyn said: “Democracy is an exciting and splendid thing and I’m enjoying every moment of it.”

Mr Cameron, who two weeks ago called on Mr Corbyn, to quit said he was "beginning to admire his tenacity".

“He is reminding me of the Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail," he said.

“He's been kicked so many times, but he says 'keep going, it's only a flesh wound'. I admire that."

Former shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith this morning launched his bid for the Labour leadership, saying he would be a “radical and credible” alternative.

Angela Eagle, the former shadow business secretary, has also launched a challenge, arguing Mr Corbyn was unable to “provide the leadership” to win a general election.

PoliticsHome has learned that support for Mr Smith is growing among Labour MPs, with some who had nominated Ms Eagle's leadership bid already switching sides to back her rival.

Labour's national executive committee last night ruled that Mr Corbyn should be on the ballot paper automatically.

The new Labour leader will be announced in September.