Jeremy Corbyn tells supporters to 'behave with civility' in new code of conduct

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17th July 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has issued a plea for his supporters to “behave with civility” in the Labour leadership contest.

Jeremy Corbyn warned Labour supporters not to demonstrate outside MPs' offices
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Mr Corbyn has published a code of conduct for the coming election, including “no tolerance” of abuse aimed at candidates or their supporters on social media.

Angela Eagle, one of two MPs challenging Mr Corbyn for the leadership, has received threats and misogynistic abuse since declaring her candidacy, while a brick was thrown through the window of her constituency office.

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Mr Corbyn has also received death threats and other Labour MPs have complained about a wide range of intimidation and abuse, including anti-Semitic message, since speaking out against the Labour leader.

Mr Corbyn’s code of conduct states: “As a candidate I will treat all with respect, behave with civility and expect all who support me to do the same.

“All Labour party members and supporters should conduct themselves with a high standard of behaviour. This debate is about politics, not personalities, and personal abuse of any nature will not be accepted.

“There should be no personal hostility and nobody should feel intimidated at any time. So no foul or abusive language will be tolerated and all candidates should be listened to with courtesy and respect at hustings, meetings and events.

“In particular, there should be no demonstrations or protests targeting any individual candidate or outside any MP’s office or surgery - and no personal heckling of any candidate at any hustings, meeting or event.”

Ms Eagle last week launched her own ‘Keep It Comradely’ campaign pledge which covered many of the same points as Mr Corbyn.