45 female Labour MPs tell Corbyn: Abuse is ‘in your name’

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23rd July 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has been urged by 45 female Labour MPs to do more to prevent the “disgusting and totally unacceptable” abuse of recent months.

Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to make more of an effort to prevent misogynistic abuse against female MPs.
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The joint letter criticises the Labour leader for his “inadequate” response to “Rape threats, death threats, smashed cars and bricks through windows” which have "disproportionately affected” women.

It comes after leadership rival Owen Smith criticised the Labour leader’s failure to sufficiently stamp out “intolerance and misogyny” from the party.

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A spokesman for Mr. Corbyn told the Telegraph: "Anyone with evidence of abuse or threats should inform both the police and Jeremy, and he will personally ensure that it is properly investigated by the party."

The signatories — including 10 former shadow cabinet ministers — told Mr. Corbyn that the "extremely worrying trend of escalating abuse and hostility” is “being done in your name.”

The letter said: ”Rape threats, death threats, smashed cars and bricks through windows are disgusting and totally unacceptable in any situation.

"This is acknowledged by all factions yet the simple words of condemnation offered in response are inadequate. We expect swift and tangible action against those who commit such acts.

"We understand that the leadership does not have total control over those who choose to threaten and abuse others but that does not mean that more cannot be done to safeguard our female colleagues."

It adds: “The culture of hatred and division that is being sown does not benefit anybody, not the party, not the leader, and certainly not the British people.”

The letter finishes by asking Mr. Corbyn to make three pledges to address the problem.

It asks the Leader to make a statement which condemns campaigning outside MPs’ offices and surgeries; to make a commitment to “actively change” behaviour which goes against Labour Party values; and to hold Labour figures “accountable” for supporting events where abusive behaviour is encouraged.