Jeremy Corbyn denounces media blackout at Labour parish council win

Posted On: 
24th July 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the media of ignoring a Labour victory in a parish council by-election.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
PA Images

The Labour leader said the mainstream media was “too busy” to lend coverage of the victory in Ramsgate Town Council over Ukip.

Mr Corbyn has often accused the press of berating him, being obsessed with him and failing to paint his leadership of the party in a positive light.

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At his Labour leadership re-election campaign launch in Salford, he declared of the by-election victory:

“You won’t have read about it in any of the papers because none of them had any space to carry it whatsoever...

“There was a by-election in Thanet in which the Labour candidate took the seat from Ukip.”

Some 483 people (13.5% of the electorate) voted in the Ramsgate Town Council by-election.

But Labour failed to beat Ukip in a by-election on the larger and more powerful Thanet District Council on 1 July.