Sadiq Khan rues 'embarrassing' Labour relationship with business

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31st July 2016

Sadiq Khan has described businesses’ reluctance to support the Labour party as a “source of embarrassment”.

Sadiq Khan at the Labour party conference
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The Mayor of London said there was “unease” in the City about his party, dating back to Ed Miliband’s time as Labour leader and exacerbated under Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Khan said the next Labour leader – whether Owen Smith or Mr Corbyn – had to be pro-business.

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“For me it is a source of embarrassment that at the last general election there weren’t businesses backing Labour,” he said.  

“You were hard pushed to find anyone supporting Labour in business. That can’t be right.

“I accept the unease the City had with Labour in the 2015 general election. And particularly with the current leadership the national Labour party has got.

He declined to back Mr Smith or Mr Corbyn, but said: “What is important is that in this selection process Labour chooses the candidate which gives us the best chance of winning the next general election.

“The best chance of winning the next general election, by the way, is to be pro-business...

“You can’t win elections, unless you won the last one, just speaking to your core vote...

“My nervousness about the Labour leadership is who are we talking to? We’re just talking to ourselves.”