Labour members claim data 'illegally procured' in Angela Eagle's constituency

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1st August 2016

Labour members in Angela Eagle’s constituency have complained that their data may have been “illegally procured” to invite them to a meeting when the main CLP has been suspended. 

The Wallasey Labour branch was suspended last month
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The Wirral TUC has been advertising a public meeting for tomorrow evening for “Wallasey Labour party members and supporters”.

Wallasey CLP was suspended by the Labour bosses amid claims Ms Eagle, who launched an abortive leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn, had been subjected to “intimidation and homophobia”.

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Tomorrow’s meeting will address the reasons why the Wallasey party was suspended, as well as discussing the Labour National Executive Committee’s decision to stop members who signed up since January getting an automatic vote in this summer’s leadership contest.

Ms Eagle has been invited to the meeting but cannot attend. 

The organiser of the meeting, Wallasey CLP vice-chair Paul Davies, said the event was designed to let people "speak and ask questions".

The flyer reads: “This is your chance to find out what is really going on in Wallasey Labour party and your chance to have your say.

“Why are the 1400 plus members of the Wallasey party not allowed to meet, what are the accusations being made, are they true, why are 150,000 fully paid up Labour party members not being allowed to vote in the leadership election including over 540 who live in Wallasey?”


Linda Keogh, a local Labour member, has written to the Wallasey CLP chair and secretary to raise “serious complaints” after she said she had witnessed the flyers being put through letterboxes by Mr Davies, a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Keogh said only three people on her road received the flyers – all of them Labour party members.

“I believe that Labour party membership data may have been illegally procured and used by an external organisation and/ or unauthorised people without consent,” she wrote in a letter seen by PoliticsHome.

“This appears to be the deliberate misuse or illegal procurement of an up-to-date register of members...

“My understanding is that Wallasey CLP is currently suspended by the national party because of problems that include allegations of abuse and intimidation by certain members of the local party.

“I deplore any abuse and intimidation and support the suspension of the CLP until such matters can be investigated fully. Might I ask whether such a meeting, the use of members' data and the communications to members, are fully compliant with the suspension of the CLP?”

Mr Corbyn, who was copied in to the letter, is addressing a meeting in Liverpool later today.

A spokesman for Ms Eagle said: “Angela is happy to meet any constituent to discuss their concerns. They can make an appointment to see her at her surgery or contact her offices in Wallasey or Westminster for a meeting.

“It is a shame Mr Davies feels it is better to spend his time organising internally-facing meetings rather than doing what Angela is doing, which is working in Wallasey and around the country for a strong, united Labour party that can take on the Tories and heal the divisions that six years of Tory government have caused.”


Mr Davies spoke to the Liverpool Echo about the event, which he said was "not a pro or anti Corbyn thing – it’s about what’s been happening in Wallasey".

He added: “We have 1,400 members who have no other way of making their voice heard.

“We don’t know how many people are going to turn up, but it’s just to give those people who want to turn up the chance to speak and ask questions – in fact contributions from the floor are the most important part of this.”