Jeremy Corbyn 'to rule out election deal with the SNP'

Posted On: 
22nd August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will this week rule out an electoral pact with the SNP, a key ally of the Labour leader has claimed.

Jeremy Corbyn talking to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon at a Somme memorial service

Neil Findlay, an MSP who chairs the Labour for Jeremy campaign in Scotland, said there was no prospect of a deal with the nationalists.

The move comes after a furious row erupted over comments by Shadow Scottish Secretary Dave Anderson, who suggested Labour "“may well have to consider” a tie-up with Nicola Sturgeon’s party ahead of the next election if it meant keeping the Conservatives out of power.

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His remarks were rejected by senior Scottish Labour figures, including Kezia Dugdale and Mr Anderson's predecessor in the post, Ian Murray. 

Mr Corbyn is visiting Scotland later this week for a hustings debate with leadership rival Owen Smith in Glasgow, followed by speeches in Dundee and Edinburgh.

Speaking to The Herald, Mr Findlat said: “There will be no progressive alliance with the SNP and I’m expecting Jeremy Corbyn to rule that out this week.

“I don’t think the SNP will be able to take any comfort from a Jeremy Corbyn victory. It will be made clear there will be no progressive alliance with the SNP.

“The SNP does not act progressively in government, but seeks to talk progressively at Westminster where it has no power.”