Jeremy Corbyn hits out at 'homophobic abuse' aimed at Angela Eagle

Posted On: 
1st September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at the “homophobic abuse” suffered by his former leadership rival Angela Eagle.

Angela Eagle at the launch of her bid for the Labour leadership in July

His comments follow claims that Ms Eagle was referred to as “Angie the dyke” at her local Labour party’s AGM in the Merseyside seat of Wallasey.

Seventeen members of the local party lodged a complaint, although some supporters of Mr Corbyn claimed there had not been any abuse at the meeting.

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The former frontbencher has previously complained that the Labour leader has not been strong enough in condemning homophobic conduct.

Speaking to Buzzfeed last month she said she was “astonished at the lack of condemnation of this behaviour”.

“Jeremy keeps telling us that he is standing for a kinder, gentler politics, but that is rendered meaningless when he fails to protect people who have witnessed or been subjected to bigotry,” she said.


But in an interview with PinkNews, Mr Corbyn insisted there was no place for any homophobic behaviour in Labour.

“Angela has suffered homophobic abuse which is absolutely and totally wrong and I support her in standing up against that," he said.

“If anyone who claims to be a supporter of mine is making homophobic remarks or homophobic abuse then they are wrong."

He also said those found guilty of abuse could face punishment from Labour's ruling National Executive Committee.

“If anyone is acting in a homophobic way in the Labour party, they are wrong. They will have no support from me whatsoever in doing that. I absolutely condemn it and they should be investigated for their behaviour.

“If they are found to have made homophobic acts or made homophobic comments then there are sanctions open to them for the National Executive to take."