Jeremy Corbyn defends anti-racism event appearance after 'SWP front' claims

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9th October 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has defended his decision to speak at an anti-racism rally which has been described by some activists as a front for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). 

Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected Labour leader last month
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The Labour leader had previously said he would not attend the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ event, which is promoted on the SWP’s website.

Organisers have insisted it was not an SWP event but a coalition of different groups.

Membership of the SWP has been proscribed from the Labour party for many years, while it faced accusations of failing to deal properly with claims of rape and sexual assault by senior figures in the movement.

A spokesperson for Mr Corbyn explained why he had decided to speak at the event – after previously saying he would not.

"Jeremy had indicated that he was unable to attend the Stand Up To Racism conference as he was scheduled to be in Scotland,” they said.

“As his plans changed, he wanted to show his support for the campaign against racism and xenophobia, particularly given the rise in hate crime since the EU referendum in June.”

Senior left-wing activists had criticised Mr Corbyn for speaking at the event yesterday.







Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and Labour peer Lord Dubs were among the other attendees at the event.

Critics claim that a number of the other organisations associated with ‘Stand Up To Racism’ are themselves affiliated to the SWP. 

However, one of the event's organisers disputed that it was related to the SWP.