Jeremy Corbyn supporter Paul Mason says Labour leader 'doesn't appeal to working class'

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14th October 2016

One of Jeremy Corbyn's most high-profile supporters has accused the Labour leader of failing to appeal to working class voters.

Former journalist Paul Mason has campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn
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In surprising comments, the former BBC and Channel 4 journalist said "he has no cultural references to the way they live".

He also suggests that Clive Lewis - dumped last week as Shadow Defence Secretary just days after defying Mr Corbyn over Trident - should be leader instead.

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Mr Mason's comments were recorded in a bar at the Labour party conference in Liverpool and have been published in The Sun.

He said: "Corbyn doesn’t appeal to the mainstream working class vote. It’s to do with a cultural thing about London.

“If Corbyn goes on his holidays, he goes to to England on a bike and cycles round.

“Working class people go to a leader. He has no cultural references to the way they live."

On Mr Lewis, who is now Shadow Business Secretary, he said: "The person who I would replace Corbyn with eventually is this guy called Clive Lewis.

"He’s good. He’s to the right of Corbyn. Not a very convincing politician, he’s not 30 years of ultra left, but he’s good. He’s good enough for me.

"Mainstream working class voters like big… to be honest if Clive stood, that’s what they want – somebody with a big ego who would shout."

Mr Mason - who has spoken at numerous rallies in support of Mr Corbyn, last night hit out at The Sun for publishing his comments.