Momentum launches bid to officially join Labour party

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11th January 2017

Pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum has launched a bid to to officially join the Labour party.

Pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum wants to affiliate to the Labour party.
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In a dramatic move, the group announced last night that its members had also approved a new constitution bitterly opposed by hard-left activists.

The development has the backing of Momentum founder Jon Lansman, a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn and opponent of the "Trotskyist factions" which have been accused of trying to seize control of the group.

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Under the changes, everyone who joins Momentum would also have to be a Labour member. Those who are not have until July 1 to sign up to the party or face expulsion.

A Momentum spokesperson said: “Momentum is moving forwards as the outwards-looking, campaigning movement that our members want it to be.

"Over the coming months, Momentum will continue to grow, building our movement to encourage more people to participate in politics and help Labour harness its new mass membership to win power and rebuild and transform Britain."

But Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop made clear his opposition to the plan.



Meanwhile, Jackie Walker - who is suspended by Labour and is a member of Momentum's steering committee - accused Mr Lansman of carrying out a "coup".

She told the International Business Times: "We should resist and instead continue to facilitate active Momentum members in local groups into a democratic network of connections with the bureaucratic structures," she said.

"This coup was conducted with no prior notice via email this evening. Within 50 minutes the democratic structures of Momentum had been dissolved and a constitution put in place. The votes were six to four online with no discussion."

A Labour party spokesman said: "The Labour Party has received no application for affiliation for Momentum."