Labour falls 12 points behind the Conservatives in Scotland

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17th February 2017

Labour has fallen 12 points behind the Conservatives in Scotland, a shock new poll has revealed.

Ruth Davidson's Scottish Tories are now firmly established as the opposition to the SNP in Scotland.
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The Panelbase survey puts Labour in third place on just 14 points in its former Scottish stronghold.

Ruth Davidson's Scottish Tories are on 26%, with the SNP well ahead of both parties on 47%.

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The findings come just weeks before local elections in Scotland, and indicate that Labour is on course to sustain major losses.

A YouGov poll for The Times last November put the Tories 10 points ahead of Labour.

But the latest - which was carried out between 7 February and 13 February - suggests the Kezia Dugdale-led party has fallen even further behind its rivals.



The results are also a blow for Jeremy Corbyn, who knows that Labour must revive in Scotland if he is to stand any chance of victory at the next general election.

There was some brighter news for Scottish Labour - which has made opposition to a second independence referendum a key part of its policy platform - in the Panelbase findings.

They showed that a majority of Scots - 51% - still support remaining part of the UK, although support for independence has increased by one point to 44%.