WATCH Nia Griffith slaps down Emily Thornberry over Trident review

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20th May 2017

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry was wrong to suggest that Labour could drop its commitment to Trident, the party’s defence spokeswoman Nia Griffith has said.

Nia Griffith at Labour party conference
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When asked by LBC whether the party would definitely keep Trident after a defence review if it wins the election, Ms Thornberry said: “No, of course not, if you’re going to have a review, you have to have a review.”

But Ms Griffiths told BBC News that it was “already settled” that Trident would remain under a Labour government.

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"What it is not about is actually questioning whether we would have a Trident nuclear deterrent because we settled that last year," she said.

The defence review, which Jeremy Corbyn has promised should the party come into power, would instead look at how money should be spent on defence, Ms Griffith said.

Asked if Ms Thornberry was wrong, Ms Griffith said: "Indeed. Last year we looked at it, in particular, at the national policy forum and it was decided that we would keep the nuclear deterrent."

She added that for a nuclear deterrent to be effective it was essential that “you are prepared to use it”, including a ‘first strike’ attack if necessary. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has previously said he would never launch such an attack as prime minister.