New poll shows Tory lead over Labour has nearly halved in three weeks

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30th May 2017

The Conservative lead over Labour has nearly halved in just three weeks, according to a leading pollster.

Jeremy Corbyn has closed the gap on Theresa May in recent weeks.
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The latest of ICM's weekly polls for The Guardian still puts the Tories 12 points ahead of their opponents, but that is well down on the 22-point advantage they enjoyed earlier this month.

Its findings are in keeping with a range of polls over the past four weeks, which have all shown that the election race is tightening as polling day approaches.

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However, it gives the Conservatives a far healthier lead than a Survation poll for Good Morning Britain, which this morning put the Tories just six points ahead.

Some 2,002 voters took part in the latest ICM poll, which puts the Conservatives on 45%, down two points on a week ago, with Labour unchanged on 33%.

The Lib Dems are down one point to 8%, Ukip are up one point to 5% and the Greens are also up one point to 3%.

ICM director Martin Boon said: "Nerves are now certainly jangling in Conservative Central Office, with a YouGov poll last weekend showing a drop to only a 5-point lead, before easing to a 7-point lead yesterday.

"Survation, with a phone poll this morning, split the difference with a six-pointer for GMTV.

"This, from an ICM 22-point Conservative lead just three weeks’ ago."

The poll also found that 53% of voters believe Theresa May handled the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack well, compared to 17% who though she performed badly.

A total of 17% think Jeremy Corbyn would have handled the situation better than the Prime Minister, compared to 32% who think he would have handled it worse.