Tom Watson 'not consulted' by Jeremy Corbyn on Labour strategy

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4th January 2017

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has revealed he is not consulted on key strategy decisions by party boss Jeremy Corbyn.

Tom Watson said he had no idea who was on Jeremy Corbyn's strategy committee
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Mr Watson, who failed to broker a peace deal between Mr Corbyn and MPs when relations hit breaking point in the summer, revealed he does not even know who the leader does consult.

In an interview with GQ magazine conducted by Tony Blair’s former communications chief Alastair Campbell, Mr Watson said the next Labour manifesto will be Mr Corbyn’s alone.

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Asked how often he discusses strategy and policy with the Labour leader, Mr Watson said: "I am not on his strategy committee".

Asked who was on the committee, Mr Watson said: "I don't know", before adding: "That is how he is going to lead.”

He said Mr Corbyn’s overwhelming victory in his second election during the summer “means he is the established leader”.

He added: "I am in the NEC and in the Shadow Cabinet but nobody should be in any doubt it will be his manifesto.

"He will lead in developing those policies and I will support him."

Asked whether Mr Corbyn will lead Labour into the next general election, Mr Watson said: "I made my position clear, gave private counsel, based on the fact it was difficult to lead without the confidence of a majority of MPs.

“But he took a different view, the membership backed him and we have to respect that."

A YouGov poll yesterday suggested people in every age group, region and social class were more likely to say Theresa May would "make the best Prime Minister" over Mr Corbyn.