Tom Watson says Jeremy Corbyn ally 'must be stopped from destroying Labour'

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19th March 2017

Tom Watson has warned a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn that he has "to be stopped" before he destroys the Labour party.

Tom Watson has gone to war with Jon Lansman.
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The party's deputy leader launched the extraordinary attack on Momentum founder Jon Lansman on Twitter.

It followed a leaked recording of a speech Mr Lansman made in which he outlined plans for his organisation to have more influence over how Labour is run.

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They included making it easier for left-wing candidates to run for leader, changing the rules for selecting Labour MPs and moves to allow Momentum to take control of regional party branches.

He also claimed that Unite would affiliate to Momentum if Len McCluskey is re-elected the union's general secretary.

That prompted Mr Watson to accuse Mr Lansman of "entryism".

But the row exploded again when Mr Watson and Mr Lansman engaged in a heated spat on Twitter - prompting the Labour MP to warn his rival's that he will defeat his plot.



The feud is highly significant as Mr Lansman is a long-standing political ally of Mr Corbyn, helping to run his successful leadership campaign in 2015.

In December, the Labour leader waded into a row over Momentum's future by backing Mr Lansman.

The Labour leader sent an email to the campaign group's members warning them that "this moment in our history is too important for us not to seize it".

His comments follow claims that Trotskyist factions were trying to seize control of the organisation from Mr Lansman.