WATCH: Lib Dem Glee Club sing ‘Tony Blair can f*** off and die’

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20th September 2016

The Lib Dems sure know how to have a good time.

Former prime minister Tony Blair
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The party’s annual conference brings with it its infamous karaoke night, ‘Lib Dem Glee Club’, a chance for delegates to let their hair down after a tasking 12 months.

Among the classics sang into the early hours was a tune about going into coalition with Tony Blair’s then Labour, first performed in 1995 before he entered Downing Street.

With more recent coalition wounds still fresh, the delegates sang “Tony Blair can f*** off and die” with gusto.





Catchy, eh? Chorus lyrics below (To the tune of Don McLean’s American Pie)

So bye, bye to the great Lib-Lab lie

That it’s made in heaven

‘cos that’s pie in the sky

Us Lib Dems will take courage and cry

“Tony Blair can f*** off and die”

“Tony Blair can f*** off and die

Dot can't help but wonder whether a variation (remix) of that tune could make an appearance at Labour's annual conference in Liverpool next week...

Even one of the eight Lib Dem MPs Alistair Carmichael joined in with the fun.

Well, if you can't beat them...