Nick Clegg ‘awarded former prime minister’s £100,000 expenses’

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24th July 2016

Nick Clegg has been given an expenses allowance worth up to £115,000 a year that was previously only reserved for former prime ministers, it has emerged.

Former deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg during a pre-election TV debate
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The former deputy prime minister claimed £101,911 from the so-called special grant in 2015-16, the Sunday Times revealed today.

The grant, which is known as the public duty cost allowance, has been assigned to former premiers to help with the costs of their public duties.

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The expenses was extended to the former Liberal Democrat leader after the 2015 general election, the latest Cabinet Office annual report shows.

The five-year allowance will be reviewed annually.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “Where will this end? Will all MPs start getting grants to cover their costs for public duties after they leave parliament?”

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said: “It was agreed Mr Clegg should be paid [the allowance] for a short period after leaving office to help with some of the necessary costs and secretariat support associated with being in such a senior position in public life.”

A spokesman for Mr Clegg said he received the public duty cost allowance for the same reason as former prime ministers.

The former Lib Dem leader was appointed the party's EU spokesman this week.