SNP MP Mhairi Black: Tory immigration policies reminiscent of Nazi Germany

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9th October 2016

SNP MP Mhairi Black has said last week's Conservative conference exposed a "xenophobic, often racist, nationalist, ugly" side to the Government. 

SNP MP Mhairi Black has accused the Tories of "scary rhetoric".
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She said ministers had “unleashed ugly and downright scary rhetoric" last week with their pronouncements on immigration.

Writing for The National, the Commons’ youngest MP said: “I am not exaggerating when I say that the policies being brought forward are reminiscent of early 1930s Nazi Germany.”

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Her comments follow those of her party’s leader and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who told the Sunday Herald that the Tories’ vision was motivated by “ugly rhetoric” and “naked xenophobia”.

Ms Black added: “We see the headlines that Amber Rudd and her cronies are attacking businesses over their willingness to hire ‘foreigners’, even going as far as to say that businesses must list all foreign workers.

“There have also been worrying reports that schools are now listing and logging the nationalities of all their ‘foreign’ pupils. What’s next? Making them wear a badge or carry documentation so they are easily identified?”

The comments follow Ms Sturgeon’s pledge to stand “full square behind” employers who refuse to list foreign workers, should such a list be enforced.

Ms Black also insisted she is not a nationalist, saying she believes in Scottish independence “for practical reasons”.

SNP members often identify the party’s ideology as being that of “civic nationalism”, differentiating from that based on ethnicity and race.

Ms Black said: “We have seen people proudly professing, 'British jobs for British people'. I have no problem with governments providing jobs for their citizens, in fact, I spend most of my days actively encouraging and fighting for it – but that is they key difference. Government should be providing jobs for people IN Britain, not simply ‘British’ people.

“Our opponents label and criticise us as ‘divisive nationalists’ for speaking logic and sense, and yet when they themselves come out with blatantly small minded policy based on nationality, it is labelled ‘patriotic’?”