SNP raises funds for second independence referendum

Posted On: 
3rd December 2016

The SNP is quietly building a war chest to fund a second Scottish independence campaign.

Nicola Sturgeon has said a second independence referendum is 'highly likely'
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Members have been asked to donate to a “referendum campaign fund”, The Times reports, following a St Andrew’s appeal to supporters to ensure that “next time we won’t be outspent”.

A leaflet sent to members includes a quote from Nicola Sturgeon claiming that a second referendum is “highly likely” – repeating what she said in the aftermath of the EU referendum.

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That is despite an apparent fall in support for a vote. A YouGov poll this week said only 44% backed a second referendum – the lowest since the first vote in September 2014.

Draft legislation for a referendum has been drawn up but the Scottish government has not yet committed to it.

Opposition parties said the new funding drive confirmed Sturgeon’s “plot” for independence after the Brexit vote.

Liam Kerr, the Scottish Conservative MSP, said: “This goes to show that the Nationalists have been plotting this all along, regardless of what they say about Brexit negotiations.”