Tories on course to win 12 seats in Scotland following surge in support - poll

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23rd April 2017

The Conservatives are set for a major breakthrough in Scotland at the general election following a surge in support north of the Border, according to a new poll.

Ruth Davidson's Scottish Tories are enjoying a surge in support.
The House

The Panelbase survey for the Sunday Times put support for Ruth Davidson's Scottish Tories on 33% - up eight points from the 2015 election.

If replicated on 8 June, it could see the number of Tory MPs soar from one at the moment to 12.

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At the same time, backing for the SNP has slipped from 50% to 44%. That could see the Nationalists' representation at Westminster cut from the 54 it has now to 45.

Labour, meanwhile, is on course for another disastrous night, with its support plummeting from 25% to 13%, with the Lib Dems down two points to 3%.

Victims of the Tories would include Ian Murray, Labour's only MP in Scotland, the poll suggests, while SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson's Moray seat is also at risk.

Although the SNP would still be by far the largest party in Scotland, such a result would put a massive dent in its hopes for a second referendum.

It would also represent a remarkable turnaround from 1997, when the Tories experienced a complete wipeout in Scotland.

The Scottish political landscape has been completely changed since the 2014 Scottish referendum, which the pro-Union camp won by 55% to 45%.

Support for the SNP soared in the aftermath, while the Scottish Tories have managed to consolidate backing from unionists opposed to a second referendum.

Holyrood last month voted in favour of another poll on the break-up of the United Kingdom, but Theresa May has insisted "now is not the time" for another vote.