Nicola Sturgeon hits back at Sadiq Khan in racism row

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25th February 2017

Nicola Sturgeon has accused Sadiq Khan of "moral bankruptcy" after he compared Scottish nationalism to racism.

Nicola Sturgeon has called on her supporters to "rise above" Sadiq Khan's remarks.
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The London Mayor sparked a furious row after he said there was no difference between voting for an independent Scotland and "trying to divide us on the basis of background, race or religion".

Writing in the Daily Record, he said there were some Scotland "who are determined to define London as Scotland’s enemy".

Sadiq Khan compares Scottish nationalism to racism

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He expanded on the theme in a speech to the Scottish Labour conference, saying: "Now is the time to build unity, create a more United Kingdom and ensure everyone has the opportunities they need to succeed.

"We will only succeed in turning back the tide if we do it together. Together within our communities and together across borders – working for the collective good."

"If we are to continue to thrive, Scotland and London need to stay true to our shared progressive values."

But SNP leader Ms Sturgeon took to Twitter to condemn Mr Khan's intervention.

The row threatened to overshadow the Scottish Labour conference, which is taking place in Perth.

Earlier, Labour deputy leader Tom Watson told the gathering that "things have got to change" for the party after it lost the Copeland by-election to the Tories.