WATCH: Ukip's Paul Nuttall admits he did not visit new Stoke home on by-election forms for five days

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2nd February 2017

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall yesterday admitted he did not set foot inside the Stoke house he claimed was his home on by-election nomination papers for five days after they were filed.

Paul Nuttall said people were moving into the house on Oxford Street for him
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Mr Nuttall said he had been too busy knocking on doors to go there, but he would be living there for the remainder of the campaign.

A Ukip spokesman told PoliticsHome today Mr Nuttall spent his first night in the property last night, adding: "It’s quite funny someone has been criticised for moving to the constituency."

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Channel 4 News revealed yesterday that the house on Oxford Street in Stoke-on-Trent appeared unoccupied despite Mr Nuttall registering it on nomination papers as his address last Friday.

Confronted about it he accepted he was not based there “at this present moment in time,” but added: “I’ll be going in there and I’ll be there for the rest of the campaign.”

Asked whether he had been to the property, Mr Nuttall said: “I haven’t. People are moving in for me.

“I’ve been knocking on doors, as you know, all over town. People are in the process of moving us in.”

Electoral Commission guidance says the address on by-election nomination forms should be "your current home address".

A spokesperson for Ukip has said: "The house was let last Thursday; forms were submitted last Friday in line with Electoral Commission guidance.

"We are entirely confident that all laws and rules have been abided by."

The spokesperson added: "We do think it’s quite funny that someone has been criticised for moving to the constituency."

Mr Nuttall was nominated to stand in the seat after Labour MP Tristram Hunt quit parliament for a job as director of the Victoria and Albert museum in London.