Millionaire Ukip donor Arron Banks demands £200,000 back after membership row

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24th March 2017

A top donor to Ukip has demanded the party hand him back up to £200,000 after a row broke out over his membership.

Ukip donor Arron Banks has fallen out with senior figures in the party
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Arron Banks insists he was suspended by the party after relations broke down with senior figures - but officials say he failed to re-register.

The insurance tycoon - who has given £1.4m to Ukip over the years - has sent the party a bill for office services he provided, including the use of call centres.

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He told the Daily Telegraph Ukip had “effectively” suspended his membership, adding: “Why on earth am I going to donate the service for free?

“I don’t think so. So – yes – there is a bill in the post for the thick end of £200,000."

But a Ukip spokesperson said: “Since Arron Banks first became involved with Ukip, before the last General Election, he has been a generous donor. 

“All the support he has given Ukip has been on that basis and not on a supplier/client one. 

"We don't understand why he now claims his generous donations were something different.”

A top Ukip source told PoliticsHome earlier this month Mr Banks was “currently attempting to re-join”.

The source added: “If he behaves himself and stops attacking the party, its leader and elected representatives then I would imagine acceptance would be a mere formality.”

But Mr Banks appears to have little intention of re-joining, as he sets up his new political “movement” branded: The Patriotic Alliance.