Stephen Crabb embroiled in sexting scandal

Posted On: 
9th July 2016

Former Conservative leadership candidate Stephen Crabb sent sexually suggestive text messages to a woman, claiming the “public can’t expect MPs to be angels”.

The Work and Pensions minister, who claims to be a devoted family man, sent WhatsApp messages of a sexual nature to a woman during the run up to the EU referendum.

Mr Crabb, a devout Christian who put his family values at the centre of his campaign for the Tory leadership, said most MPs were “risk takers . . . in the areas of money, sex, political opportunism”, according to the Times.

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The conversation was with a woman in her twenties and initially began as friendship.

However, the WhatsApp conversation developed into a sexual nature after 18 months of communication.

In a late-night exchange last month the 43-year-old told her that he wanted to kiss her “everywhere” and asked her to call him.

In a message on the eve of the EU vote, he described a sex act he would like to perform, prompting her to ask what he was going to do about “your downst[ai]r situation”.

Mr Crabb had no comment last night on his behaviour but defended his remarks about MPs being risk-takers: “I’ve got nothing to add to that, I mean that’s a true observation, isn’t it?”