WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn supporter yells at police and soldiers at Downing Street

Posted On: 
24th May 2017

Police and troops guarding Downing Street have been confronted by a woman accusing Theresa May of being a "terrorist" and a “warmonger”. 

Jeremy Corbyn supporter outside the gates of Downing Street
Theo Usherwood

The woman, who described herself variously as “Tina” and “the voice of the people”, was carrying a bag depicting the face of Jeremy Corbyn and urged people to vote the Conservatives out of office on 8 June.

Armed Forces personnel have replaced police at some key sites in London to free up resources in the aftermath of the Manchester suicide bombing.

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The woman was moved away from the gates of Downing Street by police officers after telling one of the soldiers behind the defences: “I’m objecting to the vile woman that is going to get you killed for no reason...

“[This is] my message to the police who are defending the biggest terrorist in the world; the biggest terrorist occupies this place. Theresa May, you’re a terrorist, you’re the biggest terrorist and I am using my freedom of speech to say this: so get rid of this vile terrorist government.”

She continued her diatribe on the street: “Theresa May was losing; she is going to lose.

“Please use your vote wisely on 8 June; get rid of austerity, get rid of the warmongers who want the war to continue. War is big business. Use your vote wisely for your future, for your children’s future”

Watch the videos of the incident below: