Poll: Theresa May has big lead over Jeremy Corbyn on leadership

Posted On: 
17th July 2016

Theresa May has strong leads over Jeremy Corbyn on who would be the better prime minister, competence and global standing, according to the first set of polling comparing the two leaders.

Theresa May outside Downing Street
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The ComRes survey for the Independent also found that respondents did not want either a second referendum on the European Union or an early general election.

The rerun of the referendum was opposed by 57% with 29% in favour, while calls for a snap election were dismissed by 46% to 38%.

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Asked which of the two leaders would make the better prime minister, 58% chose Mrs May compared to less than a fifth (19%) for Mr Corbyn.

By 40% to 36%, Labour voters in the 2015 general election believe Ms May would be the better prime minister.

Mrs May also held big leads over the Labour leader on who was a strong leader (42% gap), who was good on the world stage (37% gap), and competence (31%).

Mr Corbyn led by 11% on understanding ordinary people, while there was little difference on who was principled, nasty, and honest.

Mr Corbyn also narrowly trailed leadership rivals Owen Smith and Angela Eagle on who was more likely to win a general election.

A separate ICM poll for the Sun on Sunday gives the Conservatives a 10% lead over Labour on voting intentions.

That survey also backs up ComRes on voters not wanting a new general election, with 39% backing a new vote but 50% opposed.