Tories stretch lead to 14 points in latest opinion poll

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31st August 2016

The Conservatives have increased their lead over to Labour to 14 points, according to a new opinion poll.

The latest opinion polls have given Theresa May plenty to smile about
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The ICM survey for The Guardian put support for the Conservatives on 41%, up one point from earlier this month.

Support for Labour dropped by one point to 27%, with Ukip on 13%, the Lib Dems on 9%, and the SNP and Greens both on 4%.

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According to the Electoral Calculus website, the result would hand the Tories a 102-seat majority if replicated at the next election.

ICM said: "Labour have bounced back down to their most recent floor of 27%, last seen exactly a month ago in the ICM/Guardian series but before that not since the slow torture of Gordon Brown’s last months in office.

"The Conservatives for their part, also hit a politically symbolic mark for the third straight occasion. More happily for the new PM, the share is above the success marker of 40%."

The poll comes just days after YouGov gave the Conservatives a lead of 11 points over Labour.

But despite his party's poor showing, a separate YouGov poll for The Times today gave Jeremy Corbyn a 24-point lead over his leadership rival Owen Smith.