Theresa May holds massive popularity lead over Jeremy Corbyn, poll shows

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4th September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn is a whopping 64 points less popular with the public than Theresa May, a new poll has suggested.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
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A study by Survation has shown the Prime Minister's net favourability rating at +33.6, while the Labour leader languishes on -30.7.

Mrs May was shown to be more popular in every age category, including an enormous 105 point lead over Mr Corbyn among the eldest voters.

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Out of 25 different groupings of voters, including by age, location and voting history, Mr Corbyn had a net positive rating in just two.

He enjoyed a score of +2.8 among the 18-24 age group and +8.6 rating among people who voted Labour at the last election.

But Mrs May was shown to be only slightly less popular with Labour voters, with a net rating of +4.2.

Among those who did not vote at the 2015 election – a key group Mr Corbyn intends to mobilise – his net rating was -15.7.

The poll is the latest in a string of bad results for the Labour leader, with the gap between his party and the Tories consistently running to double figures.

Mr Corbyn has blamed Labour MPs protesting his leadership for the party's plummeting poll results.

Responding to grim numbers last month, a spokesman for Mr Corbyn's leadership campaign said: "Before the attempts began to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Labour and the Tories were neck-and-neck in the polls.

"The actions of a few, at a time of national crisis, have damaged the party in the short term."

But the data suggests any challenge Labour posed to the Tories was slight and short-lived.



Mr Corbyn is on course to hold on to the Labour leadership when the results of the ongoing race are annouced on 24 September.