Tory lead over Labour jumps to 24 points in latest poll

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20th April 2017

The Conservative lead over Labour has stretched to 24 points in a new opinion poll carried out since the snap general election was called. 

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May
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The YouGov survey for The Times placed support for the Tories at 48%, Labour on 24%, the Liberal Democrats on 12%, and Ukip on 7%.

It is the largest lead for the Conservatives and their highest rating in a YouGov poll since 2008, while Ukip’s standing is the lowest in more than four years.

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A survey conducted last week by the same pollster placed the gap at 21 points – a lead which has echoed a number of other companies’ findings.

The research was carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday – after Theresa May announced her intention to go to the country.

Respondents were also asked about the leadership qualities of the Prime Minister and her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn, with Mrs May preferred as “best prime minister” by 54% to 15%.

Since calling the snap election, Mrs May has made clear she will make leadership one of the key themes in the coming campaign.