Another poll shows Labour gaining on the Conservatives as election day looms

Posted On: 
30th May 2017

Labour has cut the Conservatives' opinion poll lead yet again as the election race continues to tighten.

Labour trails the Tories by six points
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A Survation poll for ITV’s Good Morning Britain puts the Tories on 43%, with Labour on 37% - up three points since last week and eight points in the past fortnight.

Both main parties are well ahead of the Liberal Democrats, who are on on 8%, and Ukip on 4%.

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Theresa May continues to comfortably win on who would make the best Prime Minister, with 53% preferring the Conservative leader and 30% backing Jeremy Corbyn – though the Labour leader’s rating does represent a nine-point rise since the start of the month.

Mrs May’s response to the Manchester terror attack was supported, as 56% of respondents said she had done a good job compared to 17% who felt she had done a bad job. Mr Corbyn’s numbers were 33% thought he had done a good job and 30% bad.

The narrowing of the Tory lead is in line with the trend shown by most surveys conducted since the Conservative manifesto was released.

Shortly after Mrs May called the early election, the Tories were enjoying a lead of more than 20 points but that has now been cut, with many pollsters' showing the gap in single figures.

If proven accurate, however, such a result would probably still result the Tories increasing their 17-seat majority in the House of Commons.