Tories take seven-point poll lead over Labour after boost in working class support

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8th June 2018

The Conservatives have stretched their poll lead over Labour to seven points - the party's biggest advantage since the general election.

Support for Labour among the working class is falling.
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In a boost for Theresa May at the end of another torrid week, the YouGov survey put the Conservatives on 44%, two points up in the past week.

Labour are down two points on 37%, with the Lib Dems down a point to 8%, Ukip unchaged on 3% and the Greens up one point to 3%.

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Much of the increase in Tory support can be attributed to a rise in backing among working class voters, traditionally seen as Labour's base.

According to YouGov, 48% of so-called C2DE voters support the Conservatives, up from 35% in January.

By contrast, support for Labour among that social group has plummeted from 46% in January to 37% now.

Some have attributed the fall to the controversies over Jeremy Corbyn's response to the nerve agent attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal, with the Labour leader expressing scepticism over government claims that Russia was responsible.

Elsewhere, the poll shows that Labour continues to have a strong lead among voters aged 18 to 49, while the Tories are well ahead among the older generation.


Meanwhile, a separate YouGov poll of Scottish voters also showed falling support for Labour north of the Border.

It showed that the SNP are still maintaining a strong lead on 40%, up four points on the last poll.

The Conservatives are also up four points to 27%, but Labour have slipped to third place on 25%, down five points on before.