Labour polling deficit stands at 13% - TNS poll

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11th August 2016

Another pollster has handed the Conservatives a double-digit lead over Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn trails Theresa May by 28% on who would make the best leader for Britain
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The TNS BMRB survey puts the Tories on 39% and Labour on 26%, but a poll from YouGov shows Jeremy Corbyn’s party closing the gap on the Conservatives to seven points.

The TNS poll also gave Theresa May a significant lead (28%) over Mr Corbyn on who would make the best leader for the UK.

David Cameron most popular PM since Margaret Thatcher - poll

Tories lead Labour by 14% – new poll

Labour would plunge to just 20% of the vote if the party splits, polling suggests

Of 2015 Labour voters, only 39% said Mr Corbyn was the best leader for Britain, while 21% backed the Prime Minister. The rest either did not know or supported neither.  

Only 9% of women over the age of 55 believed Mr Corbyn was the best leader, while the Tories had a 34% lead over Labour with all over-55s.

Luke Taylor, TNS BMRB’s head of social and political attitudes, said: “Time will tell if these poll ratings are a honeymoon effect for a new Prime Minister or a lead in the polls that can be sustained through to the next General Election.

“This poll will be alarming for a Labour party in the middle of their second leadership election in 12 months. Whoever emerges as their new leader will want to act quickly to make inroads into this Conservative poll lead and address concerns about the party’s future.”

More respondents believe Labour will split (33%) than survive its current fracture (24%).   

The headline voting preferences are the third in recent weeks to put Labour more than 10% behind the Conservatives.

YouGov last week reported a 14% deficit for Mr Corbyn’s party.

But its updated figures today have headline figures of the Tories down four points on 38% and Labour up three on 31%.

The most recent ICM figures put Labour 16% behind the Tories. 

Critics of the Labour leader have argued that the polling shows the need to vote for Owen Smith in the coming leadership contest, though Mr Corbyn’s backers say it is the unrest within the party that is causing the poor performance.