Peter Bone models the official eurosceptic uniform

Posted On: 
3rd February 2016

There was a pattern emerging in the Commons this afternoon. 

Peter Bone

Eagle-eyed spectators of the Prime Minister’s Commons statement on his EU reform package will have noted a level of sartorial coordination among some eurosceptic MPs.

Phillip Davies, Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove were all donning a daring green and black tie.

The reason? They’re a prop of the Grassroots Out pro-Brexit movement.

Bone was particularly keen to get the ties out to a wider audience, as he asked the Prime Minister:

“Could he come on 19 February to our GO conference then if he doesn’t get what he wants, and would it be possible for me to drop off a tie at Downing Street for him?”

Indeed, Bone had brought along a spare for Cameron – though he declined the option of the ‘
McDonnell Lob’ towards the frontbench.

Cameron declined the offer of attending the conference, but left the door open, or “ruled nothing out, perhaps, on the tie front:

“My Honourable Friend is always very generous with his time, with his advice and now also with his clothing. The tie is here, I feel the blazer soon will follow.”

John Bercow, no stranger to a bit of flashy neckwear, intervened: “It’s a very garish item, I’m bound to say, but who am I to object to that?”

Peter Bone spotted an opportunity. “Would you like one, sir?” he piped up.

The Speaker replied: “I’ve suddenly been afflicted by a loss of hearing.”