Cameron gets pumped up

Posted On: 
27th April 2015

Has there been a "lack of energy" in David Cameron's election campaign? Not today. 

David Cameron launches the Conservatives' small business manifesto in London, 27/04/15

David Cameron has been showing a “curious lack of energy and belief in his campaign”, Tory donor Peter Hall said yesterday – before he realised, doubtless independently of CCHQ, that he didn’t actually mean anything of that and remembered that he was a “nobody”.

Still, it had an impact. Eager to dispel any more accusations of a chillaxing campaign, Cameron today charged onto the stage like a Duracell bunny that had been eating Skittles for breakfast, washed down with a bucket of Red Bull.

But what is behind the more colourful – literally and figuratively – version of the PM we’ve seen today?

The buzz comes, apparently, not from a bid to disprove his self-confessed lackadaisical image, but from those Downing Street business receptions.

 “When I hold those receptions at Downing Street and when I get the people who got start-up loans coming into Downing Street and telling me what they’ve done, often giving up a well-paid career, taking a risk, having a punt, having a go, that pumps me up,” Cameron said, almost hopping on the spot at the launch of the Tory small business manifesto this morning.

As his cheeks turned red through sheer excitement, he said: “If I’m getting lively about it, it’s because I feel bloody lively about it.” Passion.

The journalists in attendance couldn’t help but notice the extra-power Cameron before them.  The BBC’s Jo Coburn asked what was behind it.

“It’s decision time – that’s what pumps me up.”