Nigel Farage gets James Bond makeover on Newsnight

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23rd April 2015

Ed Miliband is now a sex symbol, so in the name of fairness BBC Newsnight transformed every party leader into a teen heartthrob.

The show took it upon themselves to photoshop all the political leaders heads onto various celebrities bodies.

Nicola Sturgeon became a scantily clad Kim Kardashian, and Nick Clegg's face was pasted onto Poldark.



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And they did not stop there, Nigel Farage became James Bond and David Cameron morphed into David Beckham.

Presenter Emily Maitlis joked that this was the only way treat all the leaders equally after had taken off.

But even the Labour leader couldn’t remain untouched; he was photoshopped onto pictures of Russell Brand and Harry Styles.

has gained thousands of followers over the last few days, many of them teenage girls, and the hashtag is still trending on Twitter.

Newsnight Photoshopped Nicola Sturgeon onto Kim Kardashian's body

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April 23, 2015