Stewart Jackson : I heard Alex Salmond is unveiling a chocolate statue of himself

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8th December 2015

Alex Salmond may have missed the Commons debate on 16 and 17-year olds voting in the EU referendum because he was unveiling a chocolate statue of himself, a Tory MP has joked.  

During the debate, Stewart Jackson stood up and commented on Mr Salmond’s absence.

Mr Jackson said to the House: “I notice that the Honourable member for Gordon isn’t in his place at the moment. I had heard he was unveiling a statue of himself and it was chocolate so he could then admire it and then eat it.”

As farcical as the accusation may sound, it was only last month that Mr Salmond came under fire for missing the Commons debate on Syria so he could attend the unveiling of a portrait of himself.

Portrait of
with artist Gerard Burns

— Peter MacMahon ()
November 26, 2015

Perhaps Dot Commons will get lucky, and someone will tweet a picture of Mr Salmond with his chocolate counterpart.

Stranger things have happened…….