Zac Goldsmith: No-brainer that Sadiq Khan and Labour are radical

Posted On: 
24th January 2016

Conservative London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith told the BBC's Andrew Marr show it was a no brainer to describe his rival Sadiq Khan and the Labour party as radical.

"It is so clear that what has happened to the Labour party now is one of the most radical things that has happened to politics full-stop in my lifetime. We have seen this extraordinary revolution in Labour, we had the leader on this programme last week talking about wild cat strikes for London. It is an extraordinarily radical proposal that Labour is putting forwards and Sadiq is an architect of that. And I think to describe him and his party as radical is a no-brainer." 

Mr Goldsmith said his comments that Mr Khan was radical were "absolutely not" a reference to his being Muslim, adding: "It's appalling that it's been deliberately misinterpreted."

He said his well-off, Etonian background had not s...