Caroline Lucas: Labour and the Greens can work closely together for progressive politics

Posted On: 
25th September 2015

GreenMPCaroline Lucas told the BBC's World at One the Green party can work very closely with Labour under JeremyCorbyn.

"We need to see exactly what happens to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy is someone I have worked with very closely, I’m sure we could work very closely together, we do share some of the same values as the Greens and to the extent that we can work together for progressive politics. I think the public are crying out for that.

"They are fed up with politicians constantly beating the life out of each of other. That doesn’t mean to say there wouldn’t be differences between us, of course there will, but when there are areas where we can work together - then why don’t we try and do that, rather than having a government as we’re seeing, slashing public services, taking a wrecking ball to the solar...