Margaret Beckett on Radio 4: On Jeremy Corbyn, 'friendly' Labour debate, and opinion polls

Posted On: 
22nd July 2015

Labour MP Margaret Becketttold the World at One party members needed to be respectful of other people's opinions when debating the direction of the party.

“The important thing – and it’s something that we’ve always said in previous leadership contests and so on – [is] that people should be collegiate and respectful of each other and their different points of view because what any contest is about is about airing those different points of view and people coming to make their decision.”

Responding to comments from Tony Blair’s former adviser John McTernan describing the MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn to widen the debate as “morons”, she accused Mr McTernan of making “unhelpful remarks”.

“I’m one of them, although I have to say at no point did I intend, I’m afraid, although he’s a very nice person, at no point did I intend ...