Ed Miliband on BBC Breakfast: Cameron playing fast-and-loose with UK's future

Posted On: 
21st April 2015

On BBC Breakfast, Ed Miliband accused the Conservatives of playing fast and loose with the future of the UK by talking up the SNP so that Nicola Sturgeons party takes seats from Labour.

Ed Miliband on BBC Breakfast, 21/04/15

“There’s no coalition with the SNP. Labour will put forward its Queen’s Speech after the election. How other parties vote on a Queen’s Speech will be a matter for them. But I do want to say something wider: I think David Cameron is playing fast and loose with the United Kingdom. This is somebody who has now given up hope of winning a majority; he’s actually trying to boost the SNP.”

He said Lord Forsyth’s warning that the Tory tactics were “dangerous” proved that Conservatives were “ashamed” of the Prime Minister’s strategy.

“You’ve got Michael Forsyth, who’s a former minister in John Major’s government, a Tory minister, saying that David Cameron is playing short-term ...